Digital StartUp Toolkit (DSUT) Review: Is it worth the money?

By Rose Gumera

March 22, 2019

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Building an online business is probably the most exciting way to turn your passion into a profitable business. You can work anywhere, monitor your daily sales without doing accounting, no need to hire a lot of staff and mostly you can reach customers all around the world compared to a traditional business. Becoming a successful online entrepreneur takes a lot of work and determination. Success does not happen overnight. You need to invest in yourself before you can make money from your online business. Among the most important investment, you can make is to enroll in high-quality courses that will teach you the best practices for building your digital empire. Today, I’m writing a review of DigitalStartUpToolkit the first online business course I ever purchased. If you are looking for a Tagalog-English course about building an online business, DigitalStartUpToolkit is a worthy investment. I’ll share the pros and cons of this course to help you determine if it would be a good choice for you.

Becoming an Online Entrepreneur Has Changed My Life

Starting an Online Business is one of my best life decisions I’ve ever made! It has given me the realization to dream more and believe in myself. A long time ago, I always dreamt of having a business but I did not know what kind of business and how I could start. I am not a businesswoman, I did not study business related course in college and I came from a non-business minded family. Despite the doubts and fears, I still want to pursue my dream of having a business and be my own boss. As of this writing, I just started this online business 3 months ago while having my full-time job as a help-desk. Because of my online business, I learned to manage my time effectively, I always have the reason to wake up at 4:00 AM regularly before heading to the office at 7:00 AM. I am not that kind of person before I started my online business. This is something that I wanted to start 2 years ago but terrified to do it. I am happy that finally, I made it now. I enjoyed my part-time work which is this online business though I just got started and I know, I can actually get there. Some investments have saved me time and made the process easier. The DigitalStartUpToolkit by Doc Lloyd Labso is one of them.

In this post, I’m talking about how DigitalStartUpToolkit can help you set up your website, create an opt-in page, create an Ebook, Facebook Ads, create a high selling digital products like e-course, how to use an autoresponder, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. I’ll share my honest opinion of the course and discuss whether or not it’s worth the price.

What is DigitalStartUpToolkit?

DigitalStartUpToolkit is an online course by Doc Lloyd Labso made with love for Filipinos who want to start their Online Business that even the non-techie person or zero knowledge about online business can actually make money online. It is a place where Filipino can learn how to build their own website using proper tools and guidance. DSUT helps entrepreneurs to sell digital products such as eBooks, software, video courses, audio books, etc.  You will learn how to start and grow your digital empire from scratch. Lloyd Labso aka “Doc Lloyd” is a professional Doctor and at the same time, he is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the Philippines. He gets a consistent P100K+ income month after month for the past 2 years. And also his website was able to get a whopping 71.41% optin conversion rate from Facebook Ads which means for every 10,000 people who visited his website 7,141 people became interested in what Doc Lloyd offered to them.

 What’s included in the course?

  • Complete With Training Courses And Tools (Domain, Hosting, SSL, Website Drag & Drop Builder, Membership Sites, Payment Gateways) So You Won’t Have To Spend Any More Of Your Savings Just To Get Started
  • Access To A Facebook Mastermind Group Willing To Help You And Answer Your Questions
  • Coaching & Website Troubleshooting So You Will NEVER Feel Lost Ever Again!
  • You Are One Step Away From Having A Business In The Internet


How is the course structure?

The course covers a ton of information so in every module, there are different video lessons. The course is broken down so you can digest the information little by little. It has 5 modules and extra bonuses.

  • Module 1: Niche Selection and then you will learn exactly how affiliate marketing works.
  • Module 2: You will be starting your website creation and designing the different pages of your website without being a programmer.
  • Module 3: You will learn about autoresponder services and how to set up your emails for the promotion of digital products.
  • Module 4: You will learn how to start sending visitors (traffic) to your website.
  • Module 5: You will learn about the benefits of having an online course.

You can also avail the BONUS Training Videos, webinars, and the Digital Playbook. Not only that, but Doc Lloyd will also answer your questions on messenger which for me is very convenient.

Who is this course for?

DigitalStartUpToolkit is for online entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, e-book writers, networkers, business owners, bloggers, online marketer, and e-commerce store. Basically, if you just decided to start an online business and have no clue where to begin you’ll find this course helpful and informative.   Everything is laid out to this course all you need to do is Learn it, Apply and Earn.

How much Does It Cost?

You can purchase the DigitalStartUpToolkit for PHP 13,997 every year for DSUT Gold members or PHP 8, 997 every 6 months for Silver members. But I highly recommend availing the SELF MADE MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS because it has an 8-WEEK Masterclass and one on one coaching in that will teach you on how to create your own e-course, for PHP 19,997 – price may go up higher (as of this writing, I am on the Week 2 of the Masterclass. I did not regret that I invested in this course because it helps me not only to discover my true potential but also to dream big and have my own profitable online business). Other courses may cost more than that but still, you are not getting any result. It may too expensive for most of us especially for those who are minimum wage earner but think of the benefits, learnings, and knowledge that you can get from availing the course. This course can save your time rather than searching on “how – to” in the Google all day long but still don’t have the result you want. I know it because I’ve been there before doing it all by myself until then I realized that I can not do it by myself alone so I accept the fact that I need help, I need someone to guide me through. And I am happy that I was stumbled on DSUT and meet Doc Lloyd.


What I found most useful in the course?

The Technical Support

I could contact Doc Lloyd thru messenger at any time and get help whenever I have questions. Everything in the course is very much understandable but I cannot leave the fact that I did not know everything especially is marketing terms. Being an Information Technology graduate is one of my advantages especially in setting up my website but there are times that I did not know how to do this and that…luckily Doc Lloyd is a very approachable coach and mentor. I also don’t have the idea what an email list, opt-in page, autoresponder was, let alone how to manage it. I just learn how to use them as I continuing learning in DSUT and Self-Made Millionaire Masterclass.


Facebook Ads

I used Facebook in my daily life but I find hard to use Facebook Ads for my business. I really don’t have any idea about this which is I am thankful that Doc Lloyd included Facebook Ads lessons on his course. Two years ago I used FB booster hoping to get more leads and sales but it cost me a lot and wasted my money without having a sale with that experienced I eventually stop my online business. But after learning about how to use FB Ads even if you will start in 100 per day I realized the big mistake I’ve done before.


The big picture, long – term approach

DigitalStartUpToolkit not only walks you through how to set up your website but also teaches you to think strategically and be creative about how to create your own digital course. In the 1st module, you will learn how to choose a profitable niche which is very important and crucial part of building an online business. To make money from your online business, you need to have a vision and stay motivated through the ups and downs. The course will help you on how to identify your business goals and create an action plan.


Doc Lloyd honesty

Doc has been into affiliate marketing and online business for a couple of years already. But before he made his first 6 – figure income Doc have been into a lot of failures in his traditional business. He is willing to help every Pinoy to start their own business and eager to show you the tips and guidelines so that you can avoid the mistakes he did in the past.


The Community Support

One of the important thing in building a business is the support from your family, friends, and love one. What if they are not there for you to support your journey? Eventually, you get lost, no motivation, feeling drained and alone, right? That is why community support plays an important rule in my online career. DSUT have supportive members that can really motivate you to keep going. Through DSUT I’ve met like-minded people and entrepreneurs who became my inspiration and role model as I ventured to this online business. Below are the online entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors that I met along the journey…

  • Cynthia Fuller (Founder of TheFullerMind) = She helps to educate Filipino Families to invest in the Philippine Stock Market and helping them to build their own worry-free and newbie friendly investing strategies even without much money to invest and time to monitor the stock market.
  • Marife Rosas (Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy) = She is a Filipino Christian Infopreneur whose desires is to help her fellow Christian Infopreneurs who don’t know how to create an ethical business centered around Christ. She has been featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN and Negosyo University.
  • Maria Georgette Elnar (Coach of HarMoney Masterclass) =  She was able to start Ecclesiastes Training and Development Services that organizes and gives workshops, training and retreats offline and founded Jet M-School that offers personal and marriage empowerment courses.
  • Ms. Violeta Depalog (Founder of isavenvestify) = She has the deepest desire of sharing her passion and saving, investing and diversifying which motivated her to found isavenvestify, a website solely dedicated to her fellow teachers, OFW, and other ordinary employees who also desire to change their lives to achieve financial independence.
  • Jingo Thompson (Founder of Facebook Marketing Agency Program Plus) = She became a Facebook Marketing Agency Owner Even Without Advertising experience. The Thompson Theory will alter our belief about Facebook Advertising and will present to you the missing puzzle.


Is this course worth the money?

DigitalStartUpToolkit is definitely worth the money if you’re a brand new in online business who wants to a one-stop resource to help you kick start. DigitalStartUpToolkit is like a centrum complete from A  to Z. You get a lot of information, tips, and support of Doc Lloyd and the DSUT community. I know for  PHP 13,997 every year can be a big investment for us. When I saw the price, I hesitated initially, so it took me more than a year to purchase the course. When I saw the Facebook Ads of DigitalStartUpToolkit way back 2017 I know this is the one that I am looking for but that time I don’t have money to invest. To make the story short, it took me more than a year to save money for this course. I finally decided to purchase the course because I was wasting too much time searching for answers on the internet. If you try to search the internet for information, it will blow out your mind and you will be totally confused. In order to save time and myself from gurus out there, I am now a happy and proud DSUT (DigitalStartUpToolkit) member. 


TIP: If you will purchase DSUT, make sure to avail the SMM-Masterclass within 4 months after availing DSUT to save you more. WHY? It is because Doc Lloyd will give you a big discount instead of paying the SMM-Masterclass for about more or less 30K, all you have to do is to pay the remaining 6K to make it a full of Php19,997. For example, I purchased a DSUT Gold for Php 13,997 and within 4 months I will avail the SMM-Masterclass, I only pay 6k for the additional cost.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I found this course really valuable at the beginning of my entrepreneur journey and as an affiliate marketer. I highly recommend it as a starting point to familiarize yourself to affiliate marketing and building your own course. To be honest, the price is reasonable enough for the quality of information you get, the opportunity feedback and the technical support. My investment for the course is more than enough especially Doc Lloyd the founder give you the full support that you needed without an extra charge.  In this course, you receive personalized and group support for FREE. Remember that creating an online business is a commitment and part of that commitment is investing in yourself.


Are you ready to start building your own digital empire and get paid while you are sleeping? Purchase the DigitalStartUpToolkit to take advantage of Doc Lloyds expertise.


My Exclusive Bonuses if you avail Digital Start-Up toolkit

Receive 20% discount of my AUTHORITY BUILDER MASTERCLASS.

AUTHORITY BUILDER MASTERCLASS – is an 8-week online masterclass where you will learn…

  1. How to use YouTube to build your influence and authority?
  2. How to get impact with video?
  3. How to grow your business on YouTube?
  4. How to use YouTube SEO in your advantage?
  5. How to create video content that converts?

And a lot more.

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Do you have any questions about the course, bonuses or the DigitalStartUpToolkit in general? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Digital StartUp Toolkit and Self – Made Millionaire Masterclass Review

Rose Gumera

About the author

Rose Gumera is the author of "The YouTube Start-Up eBook" and the Founder of Video Marketing Philippines.

She is a typical travel vlogger who finds her passion in creating video content about YouTube and video editing. 

Her entrepreneurial journey started December 2018 when she decided to turn vlogging into coaching. As of the moment, she was able to help other entrepreneur to start their YouTube journey and leverage the power of video marketing in their business.

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