Mt. Daraitan Itinerary and Side Trip to Heart Peak + Tinipak River

By Rose Gumera

February 16, 2019


Mt. Daraitan – is one of the famous and well-known mountains on the community of mountaineering which is situated in the heart of Sierra Madre in Tanay, Rizal. It has a stunning view from the summit and a picturesque view of the Sierra Madre range. It has a lot to offer like limestone formation, caves, natural pools and rivers. This is the 2nd mountain I had climbed so far.

Major jumpoff: Brgy. Daraitan (village center), Tanay
Minor jumpoff: Sitio Cablao Brgy. Pagsangahan, General Nakar
LLA: 14°36′48.5′′N 121°26′19.5′′ E, 739 MASL (+600)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2.5-4 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Tropical forest, limestone formations, river trek
– pinoymountaineer



February 9, 2019 – Just as usual Saturday, I woke up early in the morning and do my office work before heading to the MT. Daraitan. After office hours, we went to Cubao around 6:00 PM due to our call time is 9:30 PM. We arrived at Cubao around 8:00 pm and bought some groceries for the hike.

@chowking near LRT2 Cubao Station (pero may plastic ng KFC 😀 )

9: 30 pm we were already at the departure area and took our dinner in chowking near LRT2 Cubao Station while waiting for the service van and others to arrive. We departed from Gateway Cubao around 10:30 PM (pinoy time 😀 ) and headed to Tanay, Rizal. I was excited and can’t wait to conquered this another mountain. It was a long ride and I fell asleep in the van due to tiredness and when I woke up we were already in Daraitan Brgy Hall.

Daraitan Brgy Hall

February 10, 2019 – We arrived at Daraitan Brgy Hall around 1:00 AM. There were vendors in the area where you can order “lugaw” or hot coffee to wake you up. Registration was done at the Brgy hall (I don’t know how much it cost, it is already included in our payment.) And of course, the important part before we begin our journey was the ORIENTATION.


They are my friends and friends of friends 😀 😀 😀 , we are 12 in all and most of us were the first timer in MT. Daraitan. Groupie muna bago akyat (after the orientation).


It’s me, trying hard to fix my headlamp… lol! It was dark outside and I can barely see the way without any light so I had no choice but to rent their headlamp for PHP 30.00 per head. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Supposed to be our trek would start at 3:00 AM but we made it earlier around 2:40 AM. When we started our journey my sweat already rushed down on my skin so I decided to take off my jacket, I saw nothing but the rocks and a lot of rocks on our way to the summit. I highly advised bringing a headlamp not just a flashlight. Kailangan mo talagang kumapit besh kung ayaw mong mahulog pababa, matirik ang daan at bato-bato pa.  Many times we took rest for a while to regain our breath. I did not expect it would be a hard climb though I am used to it. I grasped everything that I could reach in order for me to keep moving forward. Laking tulong talaga ng mga sanga ng puno, baging at bato para makarating ako sa summit. All credits to the mother nature.

Statue of Mama Mary inside the cave located at Station 1.



Around 5: 25 AM we were already at the summit waiting for the sun to rise. When it was finally bright and shine we begun taking pictures in the area (nakapila po pala ang pagpipicture dito kaya the earlier the better)

MT. DARAITAN SUMMIT with a stunning view of the TINIPAK River

Finally, we made it to the TOP. #Mt. Daraitan Summit

The Rock Formations
Mas marami! Mas masaya!

We spent 1 – hour taking instagramable pictures in the summit. After taking so many selfies, groupies and candid photos, we decided to start our descent at around 7: 00 AM going to the Heart Peak since Valentines Day was fast approaching and it was perfect timing to fall in love with mother nature. But before that, we took our breakfast first at the 3rd station.

On our way down to the HEART PEAK.

The back view! Accidentally found this location at Station 3 for more photo ops.



There’s something with the nature that you can’t resist from, just like climbing to the summit or peak even though I know it is tiresome and I will go back to the normal life in the city with a broken heart , I mean broken knee but I keep climbing, again and again, I keep chasing mountains like I am addictive to it. Since it is a LOVE Month we did not let the moment to pass by without going to the HEART PEAK.


Nice View…
And a perfect place for your friends

The climb was all worth it, Mt. Daraitan did not disappoint me due to its amazing and scenic views. Our adventure did not end here, around 9:00 AM we headed to TINIPAK River after other instagramable photos we took.

Going down from the peak we met a lot of climbers going to the summit. Lucky for us we were been there before the crowd. We took rest for a while and had a chit-chat with the locals. There were ice candy vendors that we met along the way, so kung na uuhaw ka bili ka na ng ice candy. Masarap and pampa sexy daw sabi ng batang vendor.. hahahah

Pahinga din pag may time



Welcome to Tinipak Camping Ground

11:00 AM when we reached the store at the Tinipak River. When we were at Tinipak River I can’t help my self but appreciate everything that looks very beautiful in my eyes. I felt like I was lost in the paradise surrounded by huge limestone, rock formations, and gigantic rocks. I wondered how it made and where on earth it came from. And the river was so tempting and inviting that I can’t resist not to swim.



The gigantic rock formation
The Mt. Daraitan View from Tinipak River

As of this writing going to the CAVE is closed to the public due to safety reason. We did not know when it will be open again. Anyway, we still enjoyed the cold water as it comes from melted ice in the river. We really enjoyed swimming and refreshed our selves after a drawn-out journey.

Enjoying ourselves in a cold and crystal clear river water
Mini waterfalls from the spring

Around 3:30 PM, from Tinipak River, we headed to the tricycle terminal located at the other side of the river which I remembered we walked for another 30-40 minutes. From the terminal, we traveled for about 15 minutes and we arrived at the village around 4:00 PM. We took our shower there for PHP 20:00 per head.

Overall experienced was undoubtedly enjoyed and satisfied. Nakakapagod pero masaya!!! It is very recommended for the beginner who wants to experience and extra adventure near Manila. 


Event Itinerary
Day 0  – Saturday 09 Feb 2019
2130H Assembly @ Chowking LRT 2 Cubao Station in front of Gateway
2200H ETD to Brgy.Daraitan Brgy Hall, Tanay, Rizal
Day 1 – 10 Feb. 2019
0230H ETA Brgy., Hall, settle registration and guide fee
0300H Start trek
0600H ETA Mt. Daraitan summit, photo-ops
0700H Start trek to Heart peak
0830H ETA heart peak, photo-ops. breakfast
0930H start descend to the Tinipak river
1200H ETA Tinipak river, lunch…Swimming
1300H Start trek back to Brgy.Hall
1400H ETA Brgy.Hall. Logout. Wash-up
1500H ETD back to Manila
1900H ETA Manila
Event Fee: Php 850.00
* Private Van transpo Cubao-Daraitan-Cubao
* Registration Fee
* Guide fee
* Environmental fee
Exclusion: Food, wash-up fee, porter fee
*bottled mineral water is available for sale at the summit base and heart peak base for P50/1L, P25/300mL
Things to bring:
– Poncio/raincoat in case umulan
– Jacket/sweatshirt cool breeze in the morning
– Sun protection/rashguard swimming at the river
– Personal sanitation/hygiene
– Trail food/trail water

Rose Gumera

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