Why I Finally Started My BLOG?

By Rose Gumera

February 12, 2019

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I have had my first blog way back in 2016. My first blog was a free domain on WordPress.com. It is a travel blog where I shared my travel experiences and I got inspired especially when someone appreciated my work even though I don’t know them personally. I had already visitors on that blog which I felt overwhelmed. I’ve come a long way before I realized that I love blogging but what got me started was the connection between blogging and business. This is something I wanted to start for a long time but it took me forever to finally pull the trigger and actually do it. Finally, I decided to purchase a self-hosted domain and started my own online business while working a full-time job.

Before I started blogging I did not know about SEO, self – hosted domain, opt-in page and many more but now several years later, I have learned a ton and I love to share it with others through my blog. I am not an “expert” in the industry but I am definitely an expert within my personal space and people I actually know.

Sa mundo ng blogging hindi kailangan na maging expert ka muna bago magsimula you will learn it along the process just keep on improving yourself. All you need as of now is a gut to get started and get out of your comfort zone.

Here are my 6 reasons why I started blogging…

  1. Inspired by other bloggers

Last 3 years ago, while surfing on the internet for a good place to take my vacation I was stumbling on one of the travel blogs. I was amazed on the way she shared her travel experiences to her audience that made her a famous blogger but unfortunately, I forgot her name. Until such time, I found myself having a good time reading about travel blog either local or international. Their stories inspired me to start a blogging lifestyle. That is where I start my first free hosted domain. Free hosted domain means you can start your website or blog site for free but it has a lot of limitations unlike to self – hosted domain. From that on, I received feedback from people I did not know in real life and told me that I inspired them but they did not know they are the one who inspired me.


  1. Learn New Skills

I’m so thankful that Google and YouTube are always there to help me every time I need something to know. I could still remember the excitement that I felt when I first created my first travel blog site on Wix. So I had my blog site and posted my first blog, I felt so great. Yung feeling na finally for the first time I MADE SOMETHING right. But still, I did not stop there, I read more and more until I learned from other bloggers that WordPress is better than other platforms so I set up another travel blog site on wordpress.com but still I was not contented, I want to have a self-hosted domain especially now I am building not just a hobby but an online business. Masmaganda pa rin kapag self – hosted domain kasi the features are unlimited, unlike free hosted domain. So, ayun before the end of December 2018, I decided to purchase my own domain name with a web hosting on DSUT (DigitalStartUpToolkit). This website that you are in is a proud product of DSUT. This is the best investment I ever had in my entire life.


  1. Writing becomes my voice

Noong hindi ko pa kilala ang blogging I am already a writer of my own story. I had a reflection notebook where I wrote my thought and everything that is on my head. One thing that helped me to realize that somehow I have a skill in writing was that way back in 2011 during my college days. There was a school activity at that time about “English day”, it just they need 2 representatives from each department to participate in an essay contest. Our department already had 1 representative; she is very smart and good in English. That time, nakatayo lang ako sa pintuan, like I don’t care, I am not interested but suddenly a friend of mine pointed me to be one of the representative.  And my reaction was, huh? Me? Ako talaga? Wala akong alam diyan noh, di ako marunong magsulat, maghanap kayo ng iba. But they are so makulit as well as our instructor kasi nga daw wala nang mahanap na iba puntahan ko na lang daw at least we had a representative kesa naman our team will be forfeited. Since I had no choice, pumayag na ako. At the event place, there was a certain topic where you need to write an essay about it. There are more than 10 participants in essay writing and as I looked at them it seems that they are already prepared, deep inside of me I know wala akong laban ang gagaling ng mga ito but since andoon na rin ako so tuloy ang laban. I could still remember that my hands were sweating and shaking kasi I really don’t have an idea on what to do and to write. I said bahala na …. Whatever comes on my mind that’s it. Natapos ko naman yung essay ko pero puno ng kaba because it was really my first time to join on that kind of competition. After that, I went home peacefully… I did not wait for the announcement of winners because in myself I already know the result but on the next day a friend of mine gave the certificate and congratulated me for winning the 3rd place. I was surprised; I can’t believe that I made that far, maybe it was just a bit of luck.  Oo third place lang yun but for me para na rin akong nanalo. That was the beginning of all, from then on I read more and I write more about my personal journey until I learned to blog. I thought to myself maybe now is the time to share my knowledge, experience, and ideas online. Writing becomes my voice in a way that I can express my thoughts and feelings that I can’t share on real life.


  1. Community and Support

One of the amazing things to be a blogger is the community that you are in. You can find and meet people who have the same interest. You can learn a lot from them and share your knowledge and experiences. Choosing the different road that most of your family and friends did not choose is very hard. Andyan yung takot at kaba na baka walang susuporta saiyo or mag-encourage that you can do it. But somehow I realized that if you love something and it is in your heart then there’s no need approval from others. Through blogging, I’ve got support from my co-bloggers and online entrepreneur who are very supportive of my journey. I also met a business-minded community and I learned a lot from them.


  1. To have an extra income

May pera ba talaga online? What if I say yes, would it drive you to start your online business? Yes, there is but definitely not a get rich quick scheme or any form of pyramiding business. You may find like me, that one of my services is to teach and help people on how to make money online but you should take an action and strive to have a passive income. There are many ways to make money online; one of my favorites is affiliate marketing. Want to learn more about it? You can download my free e-book here. It is a step-by-step guide for beginners who like to start their own profitable online business through affiliate marketing.  Click here to download.


  1. To help others

Most of my online friends came to me and asked for advice on how to make money online because they know that I am an online raketera. That is the main reason why I started on this journey, I want to reach more people and to help others through my blogs even though I did not know them personally. I wanted to be an inspiration to others to build their own profitable online business. I am here to help and guide to anyone who is interested to have an online career but find hard to start. I don’t know your reason why until now ang pinapangarap mong online business is drawing pa din or what’s holding you back to get started but if you need help I am right here. Just ping on me, I am not a robot. I am a human like you so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.



Have you started online business or a blog yet?

If you are interested in starting a blog or online business of your own, I created an E-BOOK that you can download for FREE if you want to start a profitable online business. Don’t wait the right time to start because it will never come, the right time is now.


Rose Gumera

About the author

Rose Gumera is the author of "The YouTube Start-Up eBook" and the Founder of Video Marketing Philippines.

She is a typical travel vlogger who finds her passion in creating video content about YouTube and video editing. 

Her entrepreneurial journey started December 2018 when she decided to turn vlogging into coaching. As of the moment, she was able to help other entrepreneur to start their YouTube journey and leverage the power of video marketing in their business.

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