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The Two Easy Methods To Determine When Is A Good Time To Start A YouTube Channel


 How To Brand A YouTube Channel That Will Attract The Ideal Audience And Customers


How To Convert YouTube Viewers Into Leads That Will Generate More Sales

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Dave Laxinto

Founder of the

This ebook is cut above the rest from other ebooks about YouTube marketing. At first, I thought this was just another ebook that teaches how to make money from YouTube using Adsense and making vlogs that people aren't interested to watch. But I was wrong. This e-book teaches way more than monetizing your YouTube channel using Adsense. It teaches you to sell digital products, licensing, getting, sponsorship, selling merch, etc. I realized that there were many ways to make money on YouTube and not on Adsense alone. It also exposes the hard truth about Adsense, I learned that you don’t earn money on views but you earn money through ad clicks or impressions and ads are completely irrelevant to your content and it redirects people viewing your video to another website which is not good if you want people to keep watching your video. Furthermore, I completely agree that you have to establish your own brand to stand out from the competition (as all businesses have to). You can’t afford to be a “photocopy” of another YouTube channel. You want your audience to only watch your videos and luckily, this ebook just teaches you that. As a person who wanted to start his own YouTube channel, this ebook helped me gain a better understanding on how to monetize my YouTube Channel. Very insightful to read.

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About The Author

Rose Gumera started creating video content in YouTube since 2014. Video creation and editing allows her to earn extra income which pave the way to launch her online course. She do business while working full-time.

She is passionate in helping Filipino small business owners to boost their business and brand with video. Knowing that video is a big thing when it comes to digital marketing and a lots of entrepreneur are clueless on how to leverage video marketing with YouTube. She wants to teach and share her knowledge to them that are easy to consume and applicable.

She would like to address that YouTube is not all about cute cats and dogs, fame, vanity and viral videos.

Rose Gumera

Rose Gumera

Entrepreneur, Author, Vlogger